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..:>> i don't want to die without a few scars <:..

BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: ill drive my hooks in u..bleed u
to the bone
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: ill drive my hooks in u..bruise u
black and blue
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: drag u to my tomb,blood red in
ur womb
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: ill slice into ur flesh,eat whats
left ..of u
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: my blood doll ,flesh unfolds
seeing red
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: my blood doll ,in my locker cold
and dead
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: how do u like it
BLOOD,GUTS,GORE: u know thats inspirered from u

boys write songs for me
because they fall at my feet and want me

Mike ofcourse shouldn't be jealous, but proud that he has what others want. <3
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