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lick my face

I got this most amazing email from him today <3


This could only be me feeling this way but here it goes. Next time we go out, leave the lipstick at home, leave the cover at home, the eyeliner, pushup bra, high heel, expensive clothes, leave it all at home. Theses aren’t the things I’m going to hold at night, these aren’t the things I will fall in love with, and these aren’t the things I want to spend the rest of my life with. If that’s how you want to start our relationship than we are starting off on nothing but a lie. If it goes the way you want it to go than I will see the real you soon enough. In my opinion you are never more beautiful when you first wake up in the morning, your hair out of control and the anticipation of a new day in your eye, that’s the real you, the you I want to know. I know every girl wants to feel beautiful, but you must really have no idea how beautiful you really are. If I’m not making that obvious in the first place than I’m not doing my job.
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