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the bounce in my step
when I wake up and he’s the first thing I see, and he does his cute little morning face and the first thing he says is “I love you”, and then I have to get out of bed and go to college and it’s just the worst thing in the world because I know I could be in bed with him, all warm and cosey, and when I say bad things about myself and he insists that I’m amazing, how when I read those lists of things that boys are supposed to do for girls, I realise that he does pretty much every single one of them, how we can spend every minute of our time together and not get bored or argue, how I know he feels exactly about me how I feel about him, how we’ve watched about 3 million movies together,
and how he lets me take his ipod to college eventhough it’s definitely his favourite object in the world and probably dies a little bit without it, when he fixes all my computers and stuff with his technical genius brain, and when we stay up all night talking, but at the same time how we don’t even have to talk, just being together is perfect, how he makes everything okay, how he gets along with all my friends and family amazingly, how I’m just 100% sure about him, and we hold hands wherever we go, I love our little outings to Whole Food's because we are both geeks and actually enjoy food shopping, and we always end up buying exactly the same things, how I can tell him literally anything and I know he’d do the same, how he’s the most genuine boy I’ve ever met in my whole life, how when I hurt my ankle he just swooped me up and carried me, how he’ll cuddle me until I’m content, the feeling that I get when I see him on stage and I just think wow, that’s my boyfriend, how he’s so honest, and never fails at making me feel 100% good about myself, and I love it when we completely waste our days, well it’s not really a waste, but when we just spend the whole day in bed and watching come dine with me and eating pizza and being complete retards, how I know I’m the only girl he thinks about, how I can be my loserish self around him at all times because he actually likes it, and how it’s impossible for me to be in a mood with him for longer than 10 minutes due to him being the cutest person who you just can’t be angry at, when he makes fun of my small hands, the way that everyone is sick of us because all we ever do is bum around together and act puke-inducingly in love, how much we can talk without ever getting tired of it, how he cuddles me untill I fall asleep eventhough he can’t sleep unless he’s facing away, because he knows I can only fall asleep that way, how he’s exactly everything I’ve ever wanted in a boy and more, and how I can’t relate to the sad songs I used to love anymore, our stupid faces we’re always making, how everything is just a million times better when he’s with me, and how we fit together perfectly when we’re all snuggled up, and how he always warms me up when I’m cold because I can’t actually produce my own body heat, how it was just impossible not to fall in love with him, the way he bullies me about the way I say water, that letter he wrote me on my birthday, how he appreciates all the same things as me, how I could just go on about reasons why I love him forever, and the way that he’s made my life more amazing than it’s ever been before, ever.
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